Cambridge IELTS Test – Essay

Because of educational development differences among countries all over the world, many students nowadays choose study abroad as a way to create themselves a chance for a better life. Beside the knowledge, certificates, and opportunities to get a better job after graduation, there are lots of disadvantages seems not easy to overcome they may occur during their studying periods. Followings are further discussion of such opinion.

The first part of this writing is chosen to discuss about the advantages of above issue. Firstly and significantly, as studying abroad, we have a very good chance to improve our knowledge by learning from a well-developed educational system and thus, it’s help us much in finding a better jobs after graduation. Secondly, by studying in other countries, Britain or US for example, we have to use English as the first priority language to study, or even communicate to other people, therefore we have an excellent environment to learn and practice English beside our mother tongue. Finally, new culture, lifestyle, awareness are waiting for us to broaden our horizons and may be those experiments will help us a lot beside the knowledge we’ve learned in college.

As mentioned before, beside many awaiting opportunities, there are many disadvantages we may occur when studying abroad. Indeed, the first problem is the limitation of our languages. As the limitation of our languages, try to imagine how much difficulties you have to overcome to get familiar with a new different life. You’ll find it’s hard to buy some foods, rent a house or may be just simply express your ideals to someone else. Furthermore, because of living far away from home and start living an independent life, it’s may cause homesick. In addition and the last, to face with the shortage of finance, you have to find a part time job to make some money for foods, house renting, or tuition fees so it’s make you lost focus on your study.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned discussions have led to a confirmation that apart from the advantages, there are many disadvantages an overseas student has to face with as going abroad for their study. Therefore, they should make a good preparation right now in their hometown before going abroad.



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